Company Profile

Located at No. 66 Science and Technology Road No. 1, Tangjiawan town, Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development District, Zhuhai Niray Photonics (Guangdong) Technology Co., Ltd. , is mainly engaged in production, maintenance, sales and technical services, to provide global customers with technical development, tube production, tube sales and consulting integrated services.

Niray focuses on medical imaging technology, with the concept of innovation-driven medical device product iteration, to provide global medical imaging equipment maintenance services such as CT tube and other core components and technical support, provide more accurate diagnosis and treatment solutions for third party organizations.

Niray has a core team with outstanding innovation, strong professional skills, and strong service capabilities, adhering to the values of "technological innovation, responsibility, rigor and meticulousness, and value contribution". Our products have undergone strict inspections in terms of performance, appearance, safety, and other aspects, meeting relevant regulations and requirements to ensure excellent quality.

Our long-term goal has always been to become an innovative R&D and technical service provider for fully digital high-tech imaging equipment products in the industry. Serve the people and contribute to the country.

Taking life sciences and medical needs as the starting point, we use imaging technology to pay tribute to life, and use the power of innovation and change to assist the medical system and improve the efficiency and quality of medical services.

Professional focus

Focusing on medical imaging technology for greater precision.

Quality assurance

All parameters meet standards and service life is guaranteed.

Efficient service

24H Fast service response and higher efficiency.

Quality service

Provide professional and comprehensive services, making it more worry free.

Free training

Provide product usage and installation training .

Free maintenance

Faults will be repaired free of charge during the warranty period.

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